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newborn baby sleeping with cream wrap
Baby & Milestone

Affordable Photography

I’ve noticed a lot of you are on the hunt for “affordable” photography and trust me, I get it. With the way things are economically, everyone’s trying to stretch a …

dad with newborn baby in white photography

Top time management tips for new parents

Becoming a parent is an incredible journey that brings new joys, experiences, and challenges. With the added responsibility of caring for a little one, it can be difficult to find …

happy baby in pink tutu with pink and gold balloons and birthday cake

Celebrating Baby 1st year Milestones: Ideas for Marking Special Moments

From the first smile to the first step, a baby’s first year is full of milestones. As parents, we want to make sure that we capture these special moments and …

Family photos hung up in living room

10 Tips for Coordinating Outfits for a Family Photo Shoot

A step by step guide for choosing what to wear for family photos! Family photos are a wonderful way to capture memories and milestones, and choosing the right outfits can …

gorgeous newborn photography on white

The Optimal Age for newborn Photography – Capturing Those Precious Moments

Is there an optimal time when you should schedule a photo shoot? The answer is yes! As a new parent, you are undoubtedly overwhelmed with love and excitement for your …

unisex cake smash theme ideas

Cake Smash Photography Sydney. How to Prepare: A Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to our step-by-step guide on how to prepare for your baby’s cake smash photography in Sydney session! As a parent, you want to capture all the special moments of …


11 Nursery Ideas for Storage and Organization

As a new parent, keeping your baby’s nursery organized and clutter-free can feel like a            never-ending battle. This is why we have put together this …


Are rabbits a good pet for kids?

Thinking about adding a bunny to your family? Are rabbits a good pet for kids? This is a very common question. At Kristy’s Studio our most requested props are our …

iron man inspired photography

9 family friendly things to do in the Blue Mountains

Looking for an exciting and family-friendly getaway? May we suggest the Blue Mountains, just a short drive from Sydney. With stunning natural scenery, quaint towns, and plenty of fun activities …


10 Common questions about Newborn Photography

Are you a new parent wondering how to capture those sweet, fleeting moments of your newborn? Look no further than newborn photography! This timeless art form allows you to document …

studio photography

Family Photography at Kristy’s Studio

Family Photography Organising family photography in Sydney is hard, right? You find a date, the perfect location, pick a time for the family to meet, and then it rains. But …

maternity black and white

9 Tips For Planning Your Creative Maternity Photo shoot in Sydney

Celebrate With A Creative Maternity Photo shoot in Sydney The journey to motherhood is a magical and joyous time. But it’s also a time of worry, anxiety and the hope …


Toddler Sanity Tips for STRESSED OUT Mums

Download this free guide & discover my fav life hacks to make the daily grind just a little easier!