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Newborn Photography Sydney

So, you’re having a baby? Congratulations! It’s such a special time in your life and those first few weeks are a blur of sleepless nights, nappy changes, and never-ending feeds. And if you’re looking for a newborn photography in Sydney, to document your new baby’s early days, then get in touch here.

The first two weeks of your Newborn’s life are the best time for photos. This Is When Your Baby Is Sleepiest So Posing Baby In Those Curly Positions Is Much Easier.

And although it might feel like a huge mission to leave the house with a new baby, your newborn photos will be a treasured reminder of these early days with your baby.

My Newborn Photography Sydney studio is warm, cosy and a relaxed home away from home. So you can relax, have a nap, and let me work my magic with your beautiful baby.

Newborn Photography Sydney baby girl in pink on white blanket
holding mum and dads hands newborn Newborn Photography Sydney

What makes us different from other Newborn Photographers in Sydney?

Upfront and simple pricing! 

We offer a professional service at an affordable price with no hidden fees or confusing packages. 

We also have more than 20 years experience photographing Newborns and are trained to handle and pose your baby safely.

“As soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about to begin” – Pooh

My approach to Newborn photography Sydney

Because I understand the chaos your small little human brings to your world, I want your newborn photography in Sydney to be relaxed and flexible.  

All newborn sessions are planned around my families.

Because I know once your baby arrives, life becomes a chaotic, hectic, bubble of baby love.

So if you’re running late for your newborn photos, don’t panic. It happens all the time. 

Just send me a message and let me know you’re running late.

On weekdays, I allow a 30 minute window of time for you to arrive because as we all know, messy baby accidents happen.

When is the best time for Newborn Photography in Sydney?

Time flies once your new baby arrives. So, it’s best to have your baby’s newborn photos taken in the first 2 weeks of their arrival. 

Those early weeks are when your baby is sleepiest and the tiniest they’ll ever be. So, it’s important to document all their tiny features before they change.

When to book your Newborn Photography in Sydney

The best time to book in for your baby’s newborn photography is during your third trimester. This ensures I keep some dates available just for you. 

However, there’s a lot to organise when you’re pregnant so if you’ve forgotten to book your newborn session please don’t panic.

I usually have availability in my Western Sydney studio for last-minute newborn photography sessions. 

During your baby’s session

My newborn photography studio is located in the Blue Mountains and is a calm and soothing environment.

In fact, parents relax so much during a session they often fall asleep.

The studio is heated to ensure your baby is comfortable and relaxed, but it can get warm. So, make sure you dress appropriately so you don’t overheat.

If your baby is hungry, we’ll stop so you can feed them. If your baby needs a cuddle or a burp, we’ll wait until your baby is settled again.

Your new baby is the star of the shoot so we’ll stop whenever needed.

I love to include sentimental items to personalise the session to your family. A VERY popular item that clients love to bring are their babies first cuddly toy. Often these are Jelly Cat brand – check them out here.

What if my baby is too unsettled for photos?

This is a common concern for parents as a baby’s temperament can change overnight.

But please don’t worry.

If your baby is unsettled, cranky, or just doesn’t want to play, we’ll simply reschedule. This happens very rarely. Normally we can get a gallery of wrapped images even with a grumpy bubba 🙂

Because capturing these moments for you and your baby are just as important to me.

I want all my families to have beautiful newborn photos to treasure in years to come.

Can older babies have newborn  session?

Sometimes it’s just not possible for parents to make it to my studio for newborn photos.

But this doesn’t mean you have to miss out on baby photos. 

I offer baby photography and many parents choose to have these photos around significant milestones.

For instance, it could be when your baby starts smiling or rolling over. Or even when your baby starts sitting on their own. 

All these moments are special and worth documenting with a photography session.

Learn more here.

Can siblings and parents have photos too?

Absolutely. If your newborn has siblings, they’re most welcome to join your baby’s session. All siblings and family photos are done at the beginning of your newborn photography session.

This allows older kids to leave for kindy or with a grandparent while you sit back and relax.

However, if this is your first baby, I’ll begin the session with your newborn baby and finish with the parents’ photos.

Newborn posing, safety, training, and experience

As a professional newborn photographer, I’ve undergone training in newborn posing and the safe handling of babies.

The safety of your precious newborn is of the utmost importance.

From the moment I start wrapping and handling your baby, I’m monitoring their movements and the poses that are comfortable for them.

I’m fully vaccinated and ensure my studio is cleaned and all props sanitised before your baby’s photography session.

Where in Sydney is the newborn studio?

The studio is in Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains.

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Newborn Photography Sydney
newborn photography sydney
Newborn Photography Sydney
newborn photography sydney
newborn photography sydney
newborn photography sydney
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Twins Newborn Photography Sydney
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Session Fee

Choosing the Art Work for your home needn’t be confusing or expensive. We have range of products to suit all styles and budgets! We have three simple categories to choose from – Digital Collects, Wall Art & Album Collections and Gifts & Extras. Simply choose your collection and the images you love!

We offer upfront, simple pricing and a professional service at an affordable price with no hidden fees or confusing packages. 

Your session fee is $125 and includes:

Total value – $750. Today $125.

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