Holly was a stray in our estate. We saw her for several days before inviting her into our home with our other bun Billy. Billy was an old bun and Holly was a baby  – they loved each other straight away! Well most of the time…except when Holly would run off with Billy’s prized bok choy and he was unable to chase after her to get it back!

Holly is a free range bunny. She lives inside the house and is not caged. She has access to the yard during the day as well. She is toilet trained!

Since we lost Billy, Holly has become something of a “foodie”. She will only eat certain things at certain times…and they change daily. So it’s up to Mum and Dad to try and work out what the rage is on any given day. While this is quite funny there is a scary side…there are times when she just won’t eat AT ALL if not given the correct food choice. This is VERY dangerous for bunnies who are supposed to graze on average for 7 minutes in every hour. Their digestion just stops and they become very ill very quickly. Luckily for Holly, Mummy has loads of bunny experience and can work out very quickly when something is wrong ?

Holly is a “digger”. What this means is her and Daddy have loads of bonding time in the garden…her digging and Daddy fixing ?

She accepts that Mummy has lots of clients through the house each week for shoots and that they sometimes bring their own fur babies…what she does not accept is being separated from the action by a fence. She is still trying to break through the fence. Every shoot! She even accepts that sometimes Mummy wants to take pictures of her…mostly.

Check out her latest session the behind the scenes vid! Apparently the bow was embarrassing…

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