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Ridiculously Cute Newborn Photo Ideas 

CONGRATULATIONS! If you’ve just had a baby, now is the time to plan your newborn baby photography in Sydney. And if you’re looking for super cute newborn photo ideas, you’re in the right place. I’ve put together my 9 favourite newborn photo ideas and cute setups just for you.

Be warned, you’re in danger of overdosing on cuteness.

1. Add a Theme

There’s something ridiculously cute when parents come to the studio armed with their favourite superheroes or fairytale characters to incorporate into their baby’s newborn photography.

Imagine your baby as Snow White, sound asleep and surrounded by the seven dwarfs.

Or perhaps you’re a Marvel fan and you want your little super baby snuggled up with spiderman and superman.

Whatever you love, whether it be superheroes or Harry Potter, adding a theme to your baby’s photoshoot is such a cute idea. It’ll make your photos a more personal and is guaranteed to make them look unique.

super hero newborn photo ideas

super hero newborn photo ideas

2.Include Your Hobbies or Favourite Sport in Your Photos

Yep, include your hobbies or interests. Mad keen golfer?

No problems. Let’s incorporate your love of golf into your baby’s photos.

I mean, is there anything cuter than a sleeping baby curled up in a golf bag?

newborn photo ideas golf bag

Um, yeah there is! A baby snoozing on a horses’ saddle is pretty darn cute too. 

Newborn Photo ideas


*Disclaimer* Many of these photos are composited images created in post production. Newborn safety is of utmost importance during newborn sessions so obviously for safety reasons I’d never balance a baby precariously on a saddle. 

So it doesn’t matter if you have weird and wacky hobbies. If you have an idea for a newborn photo, let me know. Most ideas can be incorporated into your baby’s photo session. I’ve had Dad’s bring their footy jerseys, their toolboxes and even a motorbike helmet to their baby’s photoshoot. 

I’ve had Mum’s who are florists or keen gardeners bring gorgeous fresh flowers and greenery for their baby’s photoshoot.

newborn with gaming controller newborn photo ideas

newborn shoot tigers football

Whatever your hobbies or interests are, there is always a way to include them in your baby’s photoshoot.

3. Add a Special Toy or Keepsake – Newborn Baby Photography Ideas

Do you have a special toy from your childhood?

Maybe it’s a vintage teddy bear or a special toy gifted from a family member.

Or perhaps your new baby was given a beautiful crocheted blanket from grandma or a loved one.

Including sentimental items like teddies or special blankets add a personal touch to your baby’s photos. And in years to come your baby will cherish those photos with their family heirloom. 

Newborn Photo ideas
baby and teddy

newborn and paddinton bear

4. Capture Those Cute Newborn Details

This one is obvious. I mean, all you really need for cute newborn baby photography is a baby.

And in those first few weeks, your baby is the tiniest they will ever be.

In their entire life.

When you think about it, that’s pretty amazing.

So it’s important to document those teeny tiny details.

Their toes, their pouty lips, their peeling skin, those wispy eyelashes and tiny little milk spots on their button nose.

All these details change so quickly, soon to be replaced by chubby cheeks and baby rolls.

Make sure you capture their precious smallness while you can.

Nude Baby | Newborn Photography Western Sydney

newborn feet

5. Add Your Work Uniform 

I know, this might sound a bit odd, but these are some of my favourite ideas for newborn photos. Imagine your new baby having a photo incorporating Mum or Dad’s army uniform and medals. 

Or perhaps you’re a police officer or paramedic. You should be so proud of your achievements and what better way to document such a special career than to include it in your child’s photos.

I’ve had many proud parents include their uniforms into photo shoots and these are so special for both parents, and their new baby.

After all, when your baby is an adult, this will be such a special keepsake for them and a reminder of the important career you had when they were born.

cute baby on paramedic hat

6. Add Your Baby’s Ultrasound Photo

Eeep! This is one of my favourite ideas for your baby’s photos. I mean, one minute they’re in your tummy and the next minute, they’re out.

Okay, it’s not quite that quick but you get my meaning.

But imagine how cute it would be to have a photo of your brand new baby holding their own photo of themself in your tummy.

Especially when they’re all grown up.

It’s mind boggling.

And such a great idea for a photo.

Newborn Photo ideas
baby and ultrasound image

7. Use Adorable Newborn Props in Your Newborn Baby Photography

Yep, cute newborn props are what we photographers spend gazillions of dollars on.

From tiny handcrafted beds to baskets made from vines.

We spend countless hours, and dollars, sourcing the cutest props to photograph babies in.

So whatever prop you can imagine to ‘cute up’ your newborn baby’s photography in Sydney or anywhere, a newborn photographer will have it in abundance.

newborn photoshoot

8. Get in the Photo With Your Baby

This one is super important.

Because many new parents feel unphotogenic after their baby arrives.

And that’s being polite.

Some parents are so sleep deprived they feel like a cast member of ‘The Walking Dead’ who can’t manage to put their clothes on the right way out, least of all, get in front of the camera and look all smiling and cute with their baby.

But honestly, no matter how tired you are, or how much your boobs hurt, or whether you feel like death (not even warmed up), it’s so important to get in the photos with your baby.

After all, these photos aren’t just for you to look back on, are they?

The photos from your baby’s photoshoot will be theirs in years to come.

Your adult child will look back at these photos with love and see you, their parent, sleep deprived BUT full of love for their brand new baby.

Your grandchildren will one day have these photos. 

These photos are your history. Your journey into parenthood. A documentation of your life.

So, it doesn’t matter if you feel like literal poop.

All that matters is that you’re there. With your baby. At that moment. 

Because moments are fleeting and one day, those moments will be a passing memory.

And you won’t want to forget a moment of your baby’s first weeks.


sydney newborn photographer

9. Add the Fur Baby – Newborn Photo ideas

Yes, that’s right.

Why not bring the fur baby along to your baby’s photoshoot?My clients are ALWAYS encouraged to include their fur family in their newborn babies photography session in my Sydney studio.

Because the family pet is more than just a pet right?

For many couples it was the beloved labrador who made them parents in the first place.

Fur parents, but parents nonetheless.

So it’s only natural you’d want to include Hugo the hound or Dasher the dachshund in your baby’s photo.

And we all know dogs are awesome and seriously cute.

The only thing cuter than babies is babies and dogs.

It’s important to talk to your photographer beforehand about your baby’s safety and your dog’s behaviour. Not all dogs are happy to be in the photo with your baby and safety always comes first.

newborn and dog

newborn and dog

9 Cute Ideas for Your Newborn Photos

So, there you have it. My absolute favourite ideas to make your baby’s first newborn photos super cute.

And if you’re in the Sydney area and want a cute newborn photoshoot for your new baby, drop me a line here.


Because RIDICULOUSLY cute baby photos are my thing!

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