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Looking for Newborn Photography in Western Sydney? You have come to the right place! So, you’re expecting a new bundle of joy! Or maybe your long-awaited baby has finally arrived. Congratulations! There are many months of planning before your beautiful baby’s arrival. I mean, the list is endless.

There’s the nursery to set up, numerous hospital visits, antenatal classes, shopping for baby and maternity clothes, prams, and nappies. And that’s all before the baby even arrives. But there’s one special item that often gets overlooked in all the pre-baby excitement. And that’s newborn photography.

As a newborn photographer with a studio in western Sydney, I often field calls from panicked parents who’ve forgotten to book a newborn session. But honestly, there’s no need to panic. I can always make time for babies! And to help parents prepare for their newborn photography session, I’ve compiled a list of ultimate tips to help before the big day.

1. When is the best time for newborn photography in Western Sydney?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, particularly for first time parents. The best time to capture those gorgeous, squishy, newborn poses is in the first 14 days of your baby’s arrival. This is because your baby is still so sleepy in those early few weeks. It’s also when your baby is the smallest they will ever be! Newborn babies grow so fast, so the first few weeks are the perfect time to document all their tiny features.

But if time’s gotten away from you and your baby is older than 14 days, you can still have beautiful photos. The session may need to be planned differently and you mightn’t get the same sleepy and squishy poses. But the important thing is you’ll get beautiful photos of your baby, no matter what age they are.

2. When should you book your newborn’s session?

As many amazing newborn photographers book out quickly and months in advance, the best time to secure your booking for newborn photography is in your second trimester. Most photographers will hold a few dates for you to ensure you don’t miss out. Then once your baby arrives, you simply get in touch and confirm your booking.

Book your newborn session here.

3. What style of newborn photography suits you?

Photography is such a personal choice and newborn photography is no different. Each photographer has their own unique sense of styling, and a different variety of props and accessories.

Some newborn photographers offer lifestyle sessions which are done in the comfort of your own home, are completely natural and without props.

While other photographers offer outdoor sessions, which are obviously tricky as you need to factor in weather and the outdoor elements.

However, the most popular style of newborn photography, particularly in my area of Western Sydney, is posed studio photography.

These sessions usually last around 2 hours and involve the use of cute props and accessories. Most photographers will have their own range of props but you’re always welcome to bring along a few special items from home.

The studio environment is completely controlled from the lighting to the temperature. This is to ensure your baby is comfortable and warm during their session. And while your baby is photographed, you’re free to curl-up on the couch and watch Netflix.

In fact, many parents take the opportunity to catch-up on some much-needed sleep.

And that’s totally fine.

There is no judgement here, I promise!

4. How to prepare your baby?

Honestly there is really no that much to do here. 

A baby with a full tummy will always doze off, so arrive at the studio in time to give your baby a good feed. 

A sleepy milk drunk baby is every parent, and photographer’s dream.

And dress your baby in a loose-fitting outfit that’s easy to remove. A zip-up onesie is perfect!  Because once your baby arrives, they will be wrapped snugly and securely. This helps baby feel nice and safe and helps them drift off to sleep for their session.

5. What to expect?

Most newborn photography sessions last around 2 hours so it’s a good idea to block out your morning for the session. However, this is only a guideline as all babies are different.

For instance, if your baby gets hungry during the session, we’ll stop so you can feed baby.

Sometimes baby becomes unsettled so there’s time for cuddles, burps, changing nappies and more cuddles.

Each newborn session is different depending on how well your baby settles, but no matter how long the session lasts, you’ll have beautiful images of your precious newborn.

Learn more about newborn photography here.

6. What to bring to your baby’s newborn session?

My newborn studio is filled with gorgeous props, accessories, headbands, and hats. Basically, everything you could possibly want for a newborn photo. I even have two resident fluffy bunnies!

But you are welcome to bring along some special items from home. Many parents like to include a special blanket crocheted by grandma or perhaps a special heirloom toy. Or maybe Dad’s a footy fanatic and wants to include his favourite team’s mascot.

Whatever it is, the important thing about your baby’s newborn session is that it represents your style, your passions, and the things important to you.

It’s also a good idea to pack extra nappies, a change of clothes for you and the baby because, well, accidents happen. Especially with a new baby!

You can also bring snacks, drink bottles, baby wipes and an extra bottle for baby, just in case.

Some newborns get extra thirsty during their photo shoot so having an extra bottle on hand is a good idea.

Posing for newborn photography is thirsty work for your baby.

And lastly, bring along a dummy for your baby. Even if your baby isn’t keen on using a dummy, it sometimes is the magic trick in settling a restless baby..

7.  Can parents have photos too?

Although some parents feel sleep deprived, worry about their post-baby body, or feel like a zombie, it’s always special to have photos with your new baby.

These photos aren’t just for you, they’re also for your baby when they’re an adult. Imagine how special it will be for your child to look back on photos of the two of you together?

So, even if you’re not feeling like supermodel material, get in front of the camera and have a photo.

It’ll be something your child will cherish in years to come.

8. Bringing the siblings along to your Newborn Photography in Western Sydney

Bring the kiddies along too! Because a new baby is just as exciting for the siblings as it is for the parents. And the kids love to show off their baby brother or sister.

However, it’s best to have a back-up plan when it comes to the kids. Because toddlers generally have the attention span of a flea, we try and get their photos done first, along with family photos and photos with parents. Then, once we’ve managed to grab a few photos of the kids, Dad, Nanna, or a helpful friend, can take them off for a play at the local park or grab a treat at a café.

This also helps make your newborn photography session stress-free as you don’t have to worry about the kids getting cranky or impatient.

9. Clothing choices. What to wear?

While it can be tricky finding something to wear post baby, please don’t overthink it. All you need is plain colours and wrinkle free fabric. Even simple t-shirts and blouses look great in photos. Try and choose colours for the family that complement each other and avoid busy patterns, logos, and multi-coloured tops.

Remember, the focus on the photo is you, your family, and your new baby.

As for baby, I have a range of coloured wraps to suit whatever outfit you choose.

10. Dress for the warm studio

Yep, the studio gets warm! This is because we need to keep your baby settled, and during the first few weeks, they love to feel warm. Just like when they were in your tummy. So, it does get warm and sweaty in the studio.

It’s a good idea to dress in layers, so you can regulate your temperature during the session.

Or alternatively, you’re always welcome to pop outside for some fresh air.

But please remember that while we may be hot and uncomfortable, the studio is toasty warm, just like your baby was used to in your belly.

Top tips to prepare for newborn photography in my western Sydney studio.

Well, there you have it. My list of 10 tips to help you prepare for your newborn’s photography session.

And if I sound like the perfect photographer to capture some beautiful mementos of your baby, please get in touch here.

My boutique photography studio is in Winston Hills, western Sydney and it’s filled with props and accessories to create adorable newborn photos you’ll love.

Not sure of the style you like? Head on over to my newborn gallery here to see lots of cute baby photos.

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