Are you looking for a Cakesmash Photographer in Sydney? You have come to the right place! I love a good ol’ cake smash! Mess, laughter…mess…tears! I shoot it all!

jungle themed cake smash

I love the look kids give you when they realise you have given them a whole cake. Another awesome thing about

these sessions is…who says it has to be cake?!?!?

It can be a spaghetti smash, an ice cream smash…a frozen berry smash!

It doesn’t even need to be food…just fun! A paint smash for example…that would be fun! No matter what we are “smashing” the rules are the same. Number one…BIGGEST THING….make sure they have touched it / eaten it before.

Kids who LOOOVE the chosen food / object already are so pumped and jump straight in. There is already enough going on with lights flashing, all attention on them and being allowed to make a mess…adding in another new element is just too much.

The second biggest thing…parents get more cake/ food/ mess on them than the child. 99%. Guaranteed! So dress accordingly! More info on cake smash sessions. There are more Check out my cake smash gallery for more ideas.

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