Most mothers contact me to book right after their 12 week check up. This allows plenty of time for planning AND fitting in a maternity shoot as well.

Once you are all booked in I will send out a questionnaire. This is what I use to help plan your session so think about your answers! This is the time to tell me anything about your family that you might like included. For example – massive Disney fans, or support this team. Anything that we can use to help personalize your shoot.

Once you have filled in the questionnaire, feel free to send me any image examples of what you would love to capture during your session. The more the merrier!

The day before I will send out an email with my address and other last minute details.


When you arrive at the studio we will unpack any goodies you may have bought with you to include in the session. I will run over my plan with you and get you to fill in some paperwork. We will have a chat about your baby and discuss things such as – last feed, do they take a pacifier, do they hate being wrapped etc. Then I undress and wrap your baby and off we go!

As we progress through the session I will be moving your baby from the bean bag to props and back to the bean bag again. I will explain all of this as I go so you know what is happening. There is a chair in the studio so you can watch as I work.

Safety is my number one concern and I will explain certain things as I go. Such as why the heater is positioned where it is and why I am positioning the baby a certain way. I will also explain why I am not using some of the props set up – I am listening to queues from your baby and won’t place them into any situation where I am not 100% certain they will be safe. For example if your baby is only in a light sleep and has a strong startle reflex – I won’t be putting them in any buckets – as they may startle and hurt themselves.

The studio will be warm and the session can last up to 4 hours so please dress accordingly!


After your session I begin the process of editing the images. This takes roughly 4 hours. About 2 to 3 weeks after your sesison, you will come back to the studio to view your images. This is when you can choose to upgrade your package or keep it as is. I do not hard sell, we look at the images, you tell me what you want to aim for, and that’s what we cut down to!  Any albums or frames are ordered and you come back to pick them up at another time. All digital versions purchased are up loaded to dropbox and a link is emailed to you.

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