A milestone moment refers to stages of your babies first year. The first of these is around the 3 month mark when your baby is holding their head up during tummy time. Their personality is JUST starting to emerge and they are really looking around and taking things in. The best time to start to plan this session is right after your newborn session ?

Next in line we have finding toes and sitting by themselves. This is normally around the 6-7 month mark. It is at this time their facial expressions are really becoming established – love the huge grins! Once your baby is starting to sit up with only minimal support is the best time to book this session in – we don’t want to miss the moment!

The final stage is when your baby is crawling AND is standing by themselves. I love how proud they are at this stage. “Look Mum no hands!” When your baby is pulling themselves up on furniture is when you need to contact me to get this session booked in. This session can be quite a workout!

Here is some more info on milestone moment sessions.