I have been a very busy bee over the last few weeks getting some new products ready to launch!

They are gorgeous and I’m in love! In a society where everything is instant and digital the printing of images is often forgotten. “We just want digital versions”. I have heard this SO many times during my years as a photographer.

Trouble is…most people never get around to actually DOING any printing. These gorgeous moments stay on a USB in a draw. This is one of the main reasons that ALL sessions I do are printed and the families select the images they love from the prints.

They take them home with them on the spot! This also solves another issue…when the images ARE printed..badly.

I use a professional lab and have my monitors calibrated to their colour profiles. What I see on my screen is what I receive as prints.

So now I am super excited to add affordable album and framing options.

Check them out, aren’t they gorgeous???